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Photo Credit: Nuri Simsek (http://nurisimsek.com)


“Who Do You Think You Are?”

Asks Caroline McHugh, the founder of IDOLOGY, a movement dedicated to helping individuals and organizations to be the true, original versions of themselves. (worth watching: the art of being yourself)

This simple question is actually quite difficult to answer. In daily life, we see people introducing themselves and describing themselves on social media platforms as “Mom of 2” or a “Fashion Designer”. Our jobs or the roles we take over in daily life don’t necessarily describe our personality. At most, they are a result of who we are.


Electus 2013

Date : October 15, 2017

Photo Credit: Olivier Maire


Imagine a blind tasting of top-notch wines of the world with journalists and Master of Wine’s sitting in a cosy room at Widder Hotel in Zurich. Two weeks ago, the organizer of this great event Valais Mundi launched their Electus 2013 and showed that they have the confidence to put their wine within big brands such as Opus One, Château Angelus, Ornellaia. (see the full list below // all over 100 CHF except Alion). For those who are not familiar, Valais Mundi is the premium line of Provins, which is known to be the largest producer of Switzerland based in Valais. Their CEO Raphaël Garcia was personally there together with their Product & Brand Manager Johanna Dayer.


About Coffee, Cuba and Jerluis

Date : September 12, 2017
Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

We were enjoying a breakfast with a plate full of tropical fruits and coffee when our car appeared at the door of Casa Sarahi in Trinidad, the colorful colonial city of Cuba. A young and a handsome man; Jerluis Vera introduced himself as our guide for the day with his flawless English. The plan was to go for hiking and visit a coffee farm on our way. Once I learned that Jerluis’s family owned a farm, I was quite excited to shoot many questions.



Date : May 30, 2017

Photo Credit: Ayça Yalçıner


Exactly one week later, at this very moment, Stage 1 assessment will be over.

There is a lot of panic going on over the last few days. Although many of us spent incredible effort in studying, it is hard to say “I am ready.” I sort of feel like playing Whac-A-Mole – excited but also tired from time to time. One feels like having the control of rootstock topic, and then suddenly freaks out that HACCP details are forgotten! An endless repetition of many subjects helps the learning process but also damages our minds in another way, like waking up in the middle of the night and googling the cost of fining agents. I have recently found myself at Coop and although I tended to buy bread and eggs, I ended up buying all the sparkling wines in the store regardless of the cashier’s weird glance at me. Panic not only damages one’s psychology but it also empties the wallet. 🙂


Photo Credit: Ayça Yalçıner

For the end-consumer, sulfur dioxide (SO2) in wine has been perceived as an evil chemical compound. In fact, the total absence of sulfur dioxide in wine is not even possible, as the yeasts produce small quantities of SO2 during fermentation, mostly no more than 10 mg/l.

But why do winemakers add more SO2 to wine? Why is it needed? Let’s have a look at the advantages first:


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