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A Glass of Turkish Wine?

Date : December 2, 2015

by Pendore Winery

I’ve recently started writing for Turkish Wine Alliance website as a guest blogger. I wanted to share my first article here as well and take the opportunity to present Turkish Wine Alliance. Here, with their own words:

‘We are ten winemakers from Turkey, and we’ve come together to promote our wines in the UK. We are from across Turkey’s wine regions, and among us are some of our country’s most established and famous wine estates, and also some of her newest and smallest. We share a love for great wine, great food, and great company, and a desire to bring our wines to the most knowledgeable, discriminating, adventurous wine-drinkers in the world – yes, You!’

Sarah Abbott MW is their brand ambassador, bringing her enthusiasm and expertise to this lovely project!

Originally published at  Turkish Wine Alliance Website, you may also read the article below about Turkish Wines:

If you have ever listened to Eartha Kitt, singing A Turkish Tale (Üsküdar’a Gider Iken) with her lovely voice, you’ll hear the following lines:

Üsküdar is a little town in Turkey.
And in the old days, many women had male secretaries.
Oh well, that’s Turkey…

Yes, that’s Turkey; a country of stories and surprises. Among these are Turkey’s wines.

I have been asked several times, “Why should I try a glass of Turkish wine?”

Well here you go:

It is journey to a new culture…

These lands have been home to many different cultures and religions for centuries. Maybe because of its temperate climate, people have lived here in coherence (as long as the politicians let them…). Despite its rich soil and resources however, Turkey has not been a country of great wealth and comfort for various reasons. A bite of pain has always been part of many lives. But so is hope. Maybe it is because of this that despite the rigorous economic and political conditions, certain regions have never abandoned winemaking.

The wine you taste may be a way to feel the sun in Aegean Region, the winds of Gallipoli Peninsula, the volcanic soil of Cappadocia or the continental weather of Central Anatolia… It’s all about diversity in Turkey. The diversity of the culture, the soil, the climate…

Because of innovative winemakers…

Who makes wine in Turkey? Who are these people?

They are mostly family estate owners. Some of them have been making wine since the 1920’s. Some planted new vineyards and opened modern wineries with the latest technology over the last two decades.

There are many young and well-educated Turkish winemakers. Some of them studied in prestigious universities such as those in Geisenheim, Bordeaux, or Davis in California. Most of them don’t come home before spending several vintages in different countries, in Australia, in France or Italy… And when its time to come back, they bring their expertise. Their mind-set is focused on new discoveries. They visit very small villages nearby, trying old varieties, modifying the yield or working on canopy management. They rediscover these old grape varieties. Their curiosity brings innovation every day.

Women of Turkish Wine

Many women are also making and wine and running wine businesses in Turkey. Strong, successful and passionate women! If you take a wine tour in Turkey, you will see the dominance of these beautiful women, working hands-on in every field. They know how to grow the grapes, how to process them, how to taste wine and how to sell it.

Flying winemakers and oenologists from different countries are contributing to wine making as well. You will see French or Italian consultants, trying to speak with the local grape growers in small villages, with the few Turkish words they have learned. –Most probably with the local accent : ) – And do you know what? They do communicate wonderfully. : ) They become a part of the village in time, drinking with locals, fishing or hunting. It’s the unique hospitality of these lands.

It is a trend!

 Is it?

I hear from many wine importers/buyers, that they find it interesting, but it is still simply a very niche market. There is one single fact in trade. A good product eventually finds its consumer. No matter how long it takes.

These high quality wines will not stay local for sure. We are already seeing them on the shelves in different markets. In fact, it already started happening. We keep on reading more and more about Turkish wines. And people who have the vision to bring them to the international market will definitely succeed.

It brings joy to our moment with its delicious taste…

Trying a dish for the first time or drinking a new wine always brings joy to our lives. If you are a person who enjoys travelling and discovering the world, don’t skip these delicious tastes. The first glass will be the reason for the second one anyway : )

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