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Burgundy Diaries I: Domaine Faiveley

Date : February 3, 2017

Photo Credit: Domaine Faiveley

It was 11 am when Jean Philippe appeared at the door of La Terre d’Or. I was having a cup of coffee and looking at the gorgeous view of Beaune while Mikhail Pletnev was playing Scarlatti. I took one last sip, grabbed my coat and walked to the taxi. “How was your evening at Sushi Kai?” asked Jean Philippe. It was not one of those insincere small talks we have every day. He was simply curious. He is one of the most candid taxi drivers I’ve ever met I thought. I’ve learned that he works very intense during the season and travels to south when Burgundy is covered under snow. He speaks fluent English, which he had learned with his clients over the years. He told stories about the villages of Burgundy while we were driving towards Nuit-Saint Georges.


photo: torres.es


“. . .His company now owns more than 1300 hectares of vineyards. He is one of the pioneer growers of international varieties in his native country, although in recent years, he is on much to re-establish plantations of the country’s native varieties. . . . He is passionately concerned about the environment and global warming. And he has attempted to saveguard  company’s future by planting a series of high altitude vineyards. Next year he will be 70 and he said he will retire. . . . He’s cramped so much into his life so far and we’re sure he will continue to influence the world of wine for many years to come. Ladies and Gentlement, please show your appreciation for Miguel Torres’s Lifetime Achivement”

(Link: IWC Awards)



Originally published at www.turkishwinealliance.com

I was about 13 years old in junior high when I sent an email to Nes’e Bilgin, a prominent professor at Bogazici University. I told her that I wanted to study molecular biology in the future and kindly asked if I could do my semester project in their laboratory. I actually can’t remember the goal of my project, but I remember petri dishes and the centrifuge machine. (more…)

Speaking of Soil:

Date : March 21, 2016

© InterLoire

I’ve discovered the research done by The Association Cellule Terroirs Viticole few months ago in the middle of my Wset studies. Honestly, I have never seen such a detailed study, which analyzes soil in different wine regions. If you take a look at the website Techniloire.com and select e-terroir, you will find a map of Loire Valley divided into its sub regions.You can easily select a plot of soil and the analysis will show you: the age of the soil, the composition, the depth, information about drainage, sensitivity to erosion and much more… The detailed information amazed me, especially in a wine region known with its diverse wine style. I shortly contacted Etienne Goulet, the director of the studies. (more…)

B Corps and Sokol Blosser Winery

Date : January 21, 2016

Sokol Blosser tasting room. Photo by Andrea Johnson

About one and a half years ago, I received an email from B-Corp community during my position at Suvla Winery in Istanbul. They invited me to join a brunch at Dem Café. Honestly, I had never heard about the community before but I loved the café’s breakfast, so I decided to attend.


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