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Photo Credit: Akarsu Kaliyopi Hotel

“Ada! Please, come with me,” said Pınar to her daughter. Ada was laughing and running around in the garden. “We are on an island where kids are free to be happy”, I thought. We were having a rich breakfast with fresh tomatoes and homemade jams at Akarsu Kalyopi, a family-owned hostel in the center of Bozcaada. Ada (meaning island!) also lives there, with her parents and her grandma Seher, who has been running the hostel for more than forty years now. (Instagram: Kalyopi Bozcaada)


I’ve always loved films about cities. However, ‘Lisbon Story’, one of the greatest movies of Wim Wenders, has always been special for me. The film starts with the road trip of Philip Winter, a sound engineer, going from Berlin to Lisbon. Friedrich Monroe who is a film director and a friend of Winter, sends him a postcard to ask for help to finish his black and white movie about Lisbon. However, when Winter arrives, he cannot find Monroe, who is suffering from writer’s block. Winter decides to stay in Lisbon at Monroe’s apartment and starts recording thesounds of the film. He discovers the small streets of Portugal, the imperfect oldbuildings with colorful doors. He meets this beautiful Portuguese singer Teresa who impresses him with her beauty and voice. (with the great sountrack of Madredeus) He walks all around the city, collecting sounds and reads the poems of Pessoa in the evenings. The vintage yellow tram, the kids playing on the streets and the laundry hanging out between the apartments all represent the Mediterranean culture. Nothing is perfect, but all is very natural. This film reminds me of my first experience with wine, how I was enthralled when I discovered that this beautiful drink is mainly affected by its cultural surroundings. And yet yesterday, when I entered Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten for the Grand Portuguese Tasting organized by Vinum, I was thinking about the scenes of Lisbon Story. Because I knew, I was going to taste wines made by lovely people from different villages of a warm Mediterranean culture.


Alice in Burgundy

Date : June 1, 2016

Wine signs Vosne-Romanee,France Vosne-Romanee road sign and vineyard at entrance to village Cote d'Or Burgundy France. GPS tagged

I caught my train at Gare de Beaune at 12:31 pm. I placed my blue luggage on the rack, opened my laptop and carefully put the wine case under my seat. I had been travelling over the last few weeks between Pommard and Zurich. (more…)

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