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Date : May 30, 2017

Photo Credit: Ayça Yalçıner


Exactly one week later, at this very moment, Stage 1 assessment will be over.

There is a lot of panic going on over the last few days. Although many of us spent incredible effort in studying, it is hard to say “I am ready.” I sort of feel like playing Whac-A-Mole – excited but also tired from time to time. One feels like having the control of rootstock topic, and then suddenly freaks out that HACCP details are forgotten! An endless repetition of many subjects helps the learning process but also damages our minds in another way, like waking up in the middle of the night and googling the cost of fining agents. I have recently found myself at Coop and although I tended to buy bread and eggs, I ended up buying all the sparkling wines in the store regardless of the cashier’s weird glance at me. Panic not only damages one’s psychology but it also empties the wallet. 🙂

There are also moments that I realize how much I’ve learned since the beginning of this year and how amazing it has been to travel, to get to know new people and connect! I remember few months ago, I had a tasting with Peter Keller, a prominent journalist in Switzerland, and he asked me if he should mention my name as a Master of Wine Student. My first reaction was “no, not necessary!” I don’t know why, but so many people do not reveal that they are MW students. Most probably because very few people end up becoming one and in some cultures; there is no tolerance for failure. Few hours later, I remembered the video of Richard Hemming MW, capturing the moment of how he opens up the email revealing his exam results. He simply learns the result of his exam online. He passes the theory and fails the practical. One sees his honest feelings, mixed with relief, happiness and energy to move on with the rest of the exam. I was very impressed how real and sincere he was and I believe that people who are in peace with themselves eventually succeed. Isn’t it all about sharing good and bad moments?

Few hours later, I dropped a line to Peter, telling, “I know how to celebrate my success but when I face failure on the way, I know how to embrace it and restart again – so please mention my name as an MW Student”

This has been one of the greatest periods of my life, and we shouldn’t be afraid to share any moment of it. Once we realize this, I believe that success will follow.

Now it’s show time. Time to nail it! I wish all the best to lovely people in the program. May the luck be with all of us on 5th of June 🙂

Soon later, I’ll be back with new posts – I’ve collected many stories over the last few months!

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